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Ara Guler (born 1928), the world-famous name of Turkish photography, has nearly two million photographs in his archive, is a native "Stamboulite", who has been documenting his home city's cultural and domestic life since the 1940s.

Selected as "one of the world's top seven photographers" in 1961 by the British-based Photography Annual Anthology, Guler was also accepted as the only Turkish member of the American Society of Media Photographers the same year.
His images of Istanbul similarly demonstrate his deep love of the city and its inhabitants. They are a portrait of a city in constant movement, day and night, crossed and recrossed by activity on land and water, in the labyrinth of small streets in the older quartiers, as well as on the major arteries of the town centre and Golden Horn.
His Istanbul is full of stories, of references to literature, painting and cinema, fields in which he has many friends. Guler says, "Our world was created by artists: I looked for them everywhere and took their photographs".
Marvelous portraits of Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso Chagall, Calder, Bill Brandt, Orson Welles, Elia Kazan, Alfred Hitchcock, Fellini, Bertrand Russel, Yasar Kemal, Orhan Pamuk, are in his archives, revealing a further aspect of his work and talent.
Guler also travelled throughout the world, from Kazakhstan to Papua New Guinea via Iran, India, Kenya.