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fish auction

Daily Catches from Marmara Sea Arriving at Sunrise

Watch fishing boats arriving at sunrise and fishermen auction their catch to the best-bidding fish restaurants of Istanbul.

Learn the tips and tricks on how to understand the freshness of a fish, and the best seasons for the different kinds of fish in Istanbul.

Seafood Cooking Seminar

Take your place in the kitchen.

Your chef will teach you how to cook distinguished seafood samples of Turkish cuisine, world famous Istanbul mezes & local dish alternatives.
be a sultan for a day

Visit of Kucuksu Mansion Exclusively

Situated on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, Kucuksu Mansion is a tiny palace which was used by the Ottoman Sultans for short stays during country side excursions and hunting.

The pavilion is showcasing carvings, crystal chandeliers, carpets, and a fireplace.

Ottoman Costumed Photo Shooting on the Grounds of the Mansion

Original Ottoman Costumes and makeup artist will be ready for you and the original decoration of the Mansion will be a great background for the photo shooting.

Pictures will be printed and given as a memory of your day.
sultans beauty

Experience Turkish Bath Tradition

The Turkish Bath, called Hamam, is representing cleanness, healing, entertainment and social sharing since thousand years.

Nowhere does the golden age of Ottoman life survive more vividly, and enjoyably, than in the Hamam.

Sultan Shaving and Sultana Massage Ceremonies

Shaving is a ritual rather than a daily routine in Turkish Culture which starts with a head massage, followed by beard shaving and finalizes with a facial massage with special colognes.

Sultana Massage is carried out slowly and rhythmically, relaxes the muscles.
grand bazaar

Coffee from Turkish Coffee Masters

Learn to cook classical Turkish coffee with copper pots at historical fire place of a 546 years old coffee house located at Grand Bazaar and how to serve it in Ottoman porcelain.

City's Best Desserts

Try sweet inventions of craftsmanships using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Visit the Turkish Delight Boutique Lokum Istanbul, Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava and Istanbul's legend Baylan Patisserie.